Tuesday 22 December 2020

6. Major Industries


6. Major Industries


I. Answer the following questions in 1-15 words:

1. Why iron and steel industry is known as the basic or primary industry?

2. What are the conditions required for setting up of iron and steel industry?

3. Where are the cities of Jamshedpur and Detroit located?

4. Which substances are used for making cloth?

5. Classify the textile industry and name them.

6. From where do we get silk?

7. Which type of cotton is considered the best?

 8. Write about the India has progressed in the field of information technology industry?

9. What type of industries have been set up in Bangalore?

10. Where is Silicon Valley and for what it was famous earlier?

II. Answer the following question in 50-60 words:

1. Explain the process of steel making from the iron-ore.

2. Write the names of iron and steel centres of China and Japan.

3. Which are the favourable conditions available in Jamshedpur for setting up of Iron and steel industry?

4. Write about the development of iron and sled industry in Detroit. 5. Write a note on woolen textile industry.

6. What are the reasons that are responsible for the development of cotton textile industry in Osaka city?

7. In Bangalore, what are conditions which are favourable for information technology?

8. Write a note on the development of information technology industry of Silicon Valley.

III. Answer the following questions: 1u about 125-130 words:

1. What is the importance of iron and- steel industry and write about the conditions required for it? Name the iron and steel centres of India.

2. Write in detail the distribution of cotton textile industry in the world.

3. Write the importance of information technology industry and its chief centres in India as well as in the world.

IV. Mark the following in the map of India:

1. Two centres of Iron and steel industry.

2. Two centres of cotton textile industry.

3. Two centres of information technology industry.

4. Ahmadabad, Jamshedpur and Bangalore cities.

V. Activity:

Name any ten industrially developed cities of India. Also explain which industrial units are situated in these towns and in which states these cities are situated.