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The Earth Needs You (Poem)


  Ch. 2. The Earth Needs You (Poem)



ACTIVITY 1: Meanings of the words as used in the lesson (noun, verb, adjective, etc.)

 Single-use- (adjective)

 Lasts- (verb)

 Forever- (adverb)

 Oceans- (noun)

 Tangles- (verb)

 Travel- (verb)



ACTIVITY 3: Write meaningful sentences of the words given.


1. Epidemic- The village was ruined by an epidemic of plague.

2. Jury- The jury announced the decision.

3. Draw- The match ended in a draw.

4. Catalogue- The librarian added a new book in the catalogue.

5. Illiterate- No one should be left illiterate.

6. Manuscript- I have lost the manuscript.

7. Anonymous- ‘The Earth Needs You’ is an anonymous poem.

8. Polyglot- My friend Rahul is polyglot.

9. Teetotaller- He is not a teetotaller.

10. Bookworm- Don’t be a bookworm; go out and play.

11. Pilgrim- Muslim pilgrims travelled to Mecca.

12. Widow- The young widow wept bitterly.

13. Brittle- The branches are dry and brittle.

14. Artist- The painting is signed by the artist.

15. Glutton- Don’t be a glutton.

16. Wardrobe- Hang the clothes in the wardrobe.

17. Patriot- Rohit is a big patriot.

18. Bankrupt- He became bankrupt.

19. Audible- Please, speak louder; you are not audible.

20. Calligraphy- I like calligraphy.



ACTIVITY 4: Read the poem carefully and answer the following questions.


Q.1. Who is ‘you’ in the first line?

Ans. ‘You’ is every human being on the Earth.


Q.2. What does the Earth want from human beings?

Ans. The Earth wants human beings to change their ways of living and save the Earth.


Q.3. What difference can you and I make to save the Earth?

Ans. One and one make eleven. So, one should take an action to save the Earth. Everyone can contribute by doing even small efforts.


Q.4. What are some single-use plastic things that we buy and use?

Ans. Water bottles, polythene bags, straws, food wrappers and plastic cutlery are some single-use plastic things.


Q.5. ‘But it’s not very clever’. What according to the poet is not very clever?

Ans. According to the poet, single-use plastic is not very clever.


Q.6. What happens to the single-use plastic after it is thrown? Where does it end up?

Ans. It travels around. It ends up in oceans, rivers, seas and trees.


Q.7. What harm does it do to the oceans, rivers and trees?

Ans. It pollutes oceans and rivers. It tangles in trees and harms the environment.


Q.8. Does it stay where you throw it? Why?

Ans. No, it doesn’t stay where we throw it because it is garbage. It is collected by garbage collectors and thrown further into rivers, seas and oceans. It can also travel with the wind.


Q.9. What does the poet want you to cut down?

Ans. The poet wants us to cut down the usage of single-use plastic.



ACTIVITY 5: Think together and make a list of things that ‘you’ and ‘I’ can do to make a difference to save Earth. You must write complete sentences.









Sr. No

 Things we must do every day to make a change to save the Earth.



We should stop using single-use plastic things.


We should plant trees in our surroundings first. Then we can proceed towards other areas.



We should not waste water


We should clean our surroundings. We should not throw plastic anywhere.



We should aware others. We can start from our family members, our neighbours.



We should use paper-bags or fabric bags.




ACTIVITY 6: Given below are some words. Categorize them as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions or interjections.


pen, dog, big, badly, red, music, teacher, you, John, (to) be, he, have, do, good, she, like, work, sing, can, throughout, must, your, town, ouch, and, but, although, when, or, however, nevertheless, hi, therefore, yet, so, oh, London, quickly, we, silently, well, very, really, some, they, interesting, I, to, at, after, on, before, around, over, of, in, for, with, from, beneath, wow






Pen, dog, music, teacher, john, town, London.

you, he, she, your, we, they, I

big, red, good, interesting, some

(to)be, have, do, like, work, sing, can, must.





badly, throughout, quickly, silently, well, very, really, however, nevertheless, when.

to, at, on, around, over, of, in, with, from, beneath, before, after.

and, but, although, or, therefore, yet, so, for, when.

ouch, hi, oh, wow




ACTIVITY 7: Given below is a chart. Write three sentences for each part of speech in the given space. You must underline the word that represents its category.


Parts of Speech


1. David is a football player.

2. I have a pen.

3. This is a poem.


1. He is my friend.

2. I have a book.

3. This is a chair.


1. He is a good painter.

2. Give me a red pen.

3. This is an interesting story.


1. He runs fast.

2. He came in silently.

3. I will come tomorrow.


1. He works hard.

2. I can do it.

3. Give him a chance.


1. Wow! It’s beautiful.

2. Oh! I missed the chance.

3. Hurray! We won the match.


1. I cannot come because I am busy

2. He will read and answer the questions.

3. He is capable but he will not do it.


1. He is on duty.

2. Write down in your notebooks.

3. I am with you.


ACTIVITY 10: Write a letter to your friend telling him why it is important to stop using single-use plastic.


21, GTB Nagar


April 19, 2021


Dear Sameer


I am fine and hope the same for you. I have read a poem and want to share the ideas with you. I have found that there is problem of single-use plastic garbage. Daily we use and throw away single-use plastic items. It becomes plastic garbage.

This plastic garbage travels to oceans, seas, rivers. It creates harmful pollutants. It harms our Earth. So, if we want to save our Earth, we should stop using single-use plastic. We should use paper and fabric bags. I hope you will agree with my ideas.


Your friend




"Tn The Earth Needs You




Dictionary Reference : Learning New Words


Look up the following words in a dictionary. You should seek the following information about the words and put them in your WORDS notebook.


1. Meaning of the word as used in the poem (adjective/noun/verb, etc.)

2. Pronunciation (The teacher may refer to the dictionary or a mobile phone for correct


3. Spellings




Let us read the poem


The Earth Needs You



The Earth needs you

To change your ways,

Month by month

And day by day.


 The changes are easy.

Just look and you'll see

The differences that can be made

By you and by me.



Single-use plastic

Lasts almost forever.

It might be cheap

But it’s not very clever.


It can end up in oceans, rivers and seas.

The wind sometimes carries it

And it tangles in trees.


When people drop it on the ground,

This is not where it stays,

It travels around.


If people used less,

The better place the world would be.

The future is in your hands;

Cut down and you'll see.