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Value of Money



Ch. 1. Value of Money



ACTIVITY 1: Meanings of the words as used in the lesson (noun, verb, adjective, etc.)

Processor- (noun) 

Intrigue- (verb)

Review- (verb)

 Feature- (noun)

Ultimate- (adjective)

Limitations- (noun)

Consumerist- (noun)

Obsessed- (adjective)

Storage- (noun)

Investing- (verb)


ACTIVITY 2: Given below are a few words. Write them in the order as they appear in a dictionary.               Ans. 1.account

2.realized                       2.arrange 

3.decided                       3.consumerist

4.value                            4.decided                          5.disaster

6.ultimate                       6.excited,

7.moment                       7.faster                        8.investing,

9.arrange                        9.machine,

10.machine          ,               11.moment

12.consumerist  ,

13.excited                      13.persuade,

14.faster                         14.pollution,

15.account                     15.prepare,

16.investing                   16.realized,


18.disaster           ,

19.persuade                   19.ultimate

20.prepare.                     20.value


ACTIVITY 3: Answer the following questions.


Q.a. What made the narrator unhappy?

Ans. The limitations of her own computer made the narrator unhappy.


Q.b. What was the narrator obsessed with?

Ans. She was obsessed with the latest Bell computer. It had better features than her computer.


Q.c. What were the two features of Bell Computer that were being advertised on TV?

Ans. It had the fastest processor and high storage.


Q.d. What offer did the parents give to the narrator?

Ans. They would give her money if she would do house chores.


Q.e. Which two things did the narrator do to complete the chores?

Ans. The narrator woke up early and worked tirelessly everyday.


Q.f. What happened when the narrator went to the store to order the computer she wanted?

Ans. The store offered her the upcoming better computer.


Q.g. Why did she decide against buying the computer she was obsessed with?

Ans. The narrator did not buy the computer because she realized that technology changes rapidly. She didn’t want to spend her hard earned money on something that would go down in value soon.


Q.h. Why did the Bell employee advise the narrator to wait for a few more days?

Ans. It was because a new computer would come into the market.



ACTIVITY 4: Identify the speaker and the listener.


a. “Oh, you don’t need to buy that one. We have another one coming out soon. It is even faster and has double storage.”

Ans. Speaker : the Bell employee

          Listener : the narrator


b. “Please dad! Is there anything else you need help with?”

Ans. Speaker : the narrator

          Listener : the narrator’s dad


c. “Give me more chores!”

Ans. Speaker : the narrator

         Listener : the narrator’s dad


ACTIVITY 5: Think and discuss with your partner the given scenario.

“Oh you don’t need to buy that one. We have another one coming out soon. It is even faster and has double storage.”



a. it was wiser of the narrator to put her money in a savings account? Why/Why not?

Ans. Yes, it was wise of her to put her money in a saving account because she already had the computer.


b. it would have been wiser of the narrator to work for two more months and buy the newer model of the computer? Why/Why not?

Ans. No, it would not have been wiser because the technology changes rapidly.


c. it is advisable for fourteen years old to overwork herself/himself as the narrator did? Why/Why not?

Ans. No, it is not advisable because it may spoil health.



ACTIVITY 6: Read the sentences given below and state (in the given space) which type of sentences they are.


a. He plays football.                                   (Assertive)

b. She does not live here.                        (Assertive)

c. Please help me.                                     (Imperative)

d. May you grow wiser!                          (Optative)

e. Do you play?                                         (Interrogative)

f. How brave he is!                                  (Exclamatory)

g. Always speak the truth.                    (Imperative)

h. Who does not love his country?    (Interrogative)

i. How ugly the camel is!                     (Exclamatory)

j. Does he come here daily?              (Interrogative)

k. Leave this place.                              (Imperative)

l. May you live long!                             (Optative)

m. Has he come here?                        (Interrogative)

n. May you succeed!                           (Optative)

o. The earth moves round the sun. (Assertive)

p. I wish you were rich!                     (Optative)

q. Where is your pen?                       (Interrogative)

r. I wish I were a king!                      (Optative)

s. What a pity! You missed your chance. (Exclamatory)



ACTIVITY 7: Change the following Affirmative (Declarative) sentences into Interrogative sentences.


Affirmative =Interrogative


1. He is clever.= Is he clever?

2. He was simple.= Was he simple?

3. Ram was feeling tired.= Was Ram feeling tired?

4. Sita was angry.= Was Sita angry?

5. They were good friends. =Were they good friends?

6. He painted the door blue.= Did he paint the door blue?

7. He has three pencils.= Has he three pencils?

8. We had a good time there.=Had we a good time there?

9. I have to do it.= Do I have to do it?

10. Sohan had finished his work.= Had Sohan finished his work?

11. I shall go there tomorrow.= Shall I go there tomorrow?

12. He will play a match.= Will he play a match?

13. I can do it.= Can I do it?

14. He may help you.= Can he help you?

15. The sun does not shine at night.= Does the sun not shine at night?




ACTIVITY 8: Convert the following Interrogative sentences into Assertive (Declarative) sentences.


Interrogative =Assertive


1. Are you on leave today? =You are on leave today.

2. Was the train late? =The train was late.

3. Were the boys not lazy? =The boys were not lazy.

4. Am I strong?= I am strong.

5. Is your sister ill? =Your sister is ill.

6. Has it been raining since morning? =It has been raining since morning.

7. Have you fulfilled your promise?= You have fulfilled your promise.

8. Has he taken the test? =He has taken the test.

9. Had you seen this picture?= You had seen this picture.

10. Did he come by train yesterday?= He came by train yesterday.

11. Can you travel fifty miles a day?= You can travel fifty miles a day.

12. Should I stick to my promise?= I should stick to my promise.

13. Does the watchman keep watch over the house? =The watchman keeps watch over the house.

14. Do you pray to God every day? =You pray to God every day.



ACTIVITY 9: Change the following Positive sentences into their Negative form.


Positive =Negative


1. This dress is very costly. =This dress is not very costly.

2. His neighbour was quite well yesterday.= His neighbour was not quite well yesterday.

3. Your friends were good to me. =Your friends were not good to me.

4. Shyam has a lotus in his hand.= Shyam does not have a lotus in his hand.

5. I have a horse= I do not have a horse.

6. I have seen this picture.= I have not seen this picture.

7. You have corrected me.= You have not corrected me.

8. The cattle graze in the pasture.= The cattle do not graze in the pasture.

9. I get up early in the morning.= I do not get up early in the morning.

10. We saw a snake in the grass. =We did not see a snake in the grass.



ACTIVITY 10: Change the following Negative sentences into their Positive form.


Negative =Positive


1. Sohan is not an idle boy. =Sohan is an idle boy.

2. I do not have an umbrella with me.= I have an umbrella with me.

3. He may not play well today.= He may play well today.

4. She cannot tell a lie.= She can tell a lie.

5. I must not take this machine.= I must take this machine.

6. He does not take this risk.= He takes this risk.

7. Do not strike the match.= Strike the match.

8. Do not let him go.= Let him go.

9. Do not keep my book.=Keep my book.

10. They did not catch the evening train. =They caught the evening train.



ACTIVITY 11: Change the following Exclamatory sentences into Assertive sentences.




1. Bravo! You have done well.= It is a matter of joy that you have done well.

2. Alas! The soldiers died at Galwan Valley.= It is sad that the soldiers died at Galwan Valley.

3. How beautiful the scenery is!= The scenery is very beautiful.

4. How foolish I had been. =I had been very foolish.

5. What a disaster the earthquake is!= The earthquake is a disaster.

6. How stiff the paper is!= The paper is very stiff.

7. May God reward this act of yours!= I wish that God may reward your this act.

8. What a terrible storm it is! =It is a terrible storm.

9. Wonderful! I have never seen anything like this earlier.=  I have never seen anything wonderful like this


10. May God pardon this sinner!= I pray that God may pardon this sinner.



ACTIVITY 12: Change the following Assertive sentences into Exclamatory sentences.


Assertive= Exclamatory


1. He is truly noble.= How noble he is!

2. This is indeed a great pleasure.= What a pleasure this is!

3. It is very kind of you to help him like that. = How kind of you to help him like that!

4. I wish I were young again. = If only I could be young again!

5. It is very wonderful opportunity. = What a wonderful opportunity it is!

6. It is bitterly cold morning.= What a cold morning it is!

7. It was an extremely delightful party. = What an extremely delightful party it was!

8. She danced very beautifully.= How beautifully she danced!

9. I wish I had never met you.= If only I had never met you!

10. It is stupid of me to forget your name.= How stupid of me to forget your name!



ACTIVITY 14: Work with your partner. You will play the roles of a shop owner and a customer. Both of you will ask and answer the questions asked during the conversation. The beginning ofd the conversation is given. You will start with the given conversation and then continue.


Shop owner:- How may I help you?

Customer:- I need to buy some biscuits and ice-cream.

Shop owner: -Which biscuits do you want?

Customer:- I want good cream biscuits. Which ones do you have?

Shop owner:- I have Little Magic biscuits.

Customer:- Little Magic? Never heard of them!

Shop owner:- Oh, they are chocolate biscuits with vanilla and strawberry cream.

Customer:- That sounds interesting! I think I will buy some.

Shop owner: -Great! How many packets will you buy?

Customer:- I will buy ten packets.

Shop owner: -Fine! And which ice-cream do you want?

Customer:- Which flavours do you have?

Shop owner:- I have orange, vanilla, chocolate, mango flavours.

Customer:- Ok. I will buy two orange and three mango flavoured ice-creams.

Shop owner:- Ok. Do you need anything else?

Customer:- No. Can I have the bill please?

Shop owner:- This is your order and bill.

Customer:- Thank you!

Shop owner:- Welcome!



ACTIVITY 18: Prepare a list of Dos and Do’s and Don’ts that will help us to save water.


Sr. No.                             





Take shorter showers.                     

Stop long baths


Try water less washers

Stop washing floors, doors, cars regularly


Repair leak taps and pipes.

Don’t leave taps lose.


Install water saving equipment.      

Don’t let the water pipes flow freely.


Sprinkle water on plants. Use drip irrigation

Don’t use water pumps and pipes to water plants, trees or rops.


Install rain water harvesting plant

Don’t waste drinking water


Use mug of water for routine activities

Don’t leave running tap while shaving; while brushing your teeth.



Install water meter to monitor water usage

 Don’t waste even the waste-pipe-water of the drinking water filter




Value of Money




Dictionary Reference : Learning New Words.



Look up the following words in a dictionary. You should seek the following information about the words and put them in your WORDS notebook.


1, Meaning of the word as used in the lesson (adjective/noun/verb, etc.)

2. Pronunciation (The teacher may refer to the dictionary or a mobile phone for correct


3. Spellings.




Let us read the story


Value of Money


I was 14 when I leamed the value of money. I wanted to get myself a new computer although there was nothing wrong with the computer I was already using.

It was summer break and I had been watching a lot of TV. There was this one advertisement

that would pop up on screen all the time. It was for

the latest Bell Computer. It had ‘the fastest processor’

and ‘unbelievably high storage’among many other

new features. Every time I saw it, I was intrigued. fj" bier amm,

I would go online and watch people reviewing the computer just to find out more about its features.

I would read articles about its features in tech magazines. It appeared to be an ultimate computer

while the limitations of my own computer made me unhappy. But my parents refused to buy me the

computer when I asked them about it.


Looking back now, I probably did not even need all those extra features. I could do everything I wanted to do on my own computer without running into any issues but the consumerist in me

seemed to think otherwise.


After a while, my parents noticed how obsessed I was with this new computer so they decided to give me a chance to earn it. They told me if I started doing house chores they would give me money for it and I could save up until I had enough to buy the computer on my own. It

seemed like a good idea and I jumped at the opportunity. The very next day, I started waking up early to make extra time to be able to do more chores.


I would do the dishes three times a day; take the garbage out; mow the lawn on the weekends; clean the whole house and wash the car whenever needed. I was working tirelessly everyday until my whole body was sore just to wake up the next day and do it again. Eventually, I got used to it and it became easier. I also got more efficient at it and soon I was doing everything a lot quicker.


As I got quicker, I started having more free time and didn’t really know what to do with it. “Please dad! Is there anything else you need help with? I'm willing to do anything; just lay it on me. Give me more chores!” I remember pleading with dad.


I was obsessed. Any free time I had, I wanted to fill it with more work and more money.Since the summer break was almost over and I knew I would have less time once I started going

to school again. So, I wanted to work as much as possible during the break.


It took me a few months but I eventually saved up enough to buy myself the Bell Computer.It was a week before my birthday and I went to the Bell Center to place an order, I knew it would take at least a week for the store to get it in case it was out of stock.


I walked in and went straight to the employee sitting behind the front desk to ask if the computer was available.


“Oh, you don't need to buy that one. We have another one coming out soon. It is even faster and has double the storage," he said.

I got excited for a bit before he told me how much it would cost. I realised I would need another two months of doing chores to be able to afford it.


That is when I realised how fast ,

technology changes and no matter how good a machine is, there will always be a better faster model in the market before you fully get used to the one you just got.

I decided that very moment not to buy

the computer since I didn’t want to spend my hard earned money on something that would  go down in value within no time. I ended up investing all of it in a savings account. This is how I leamed the value of money.