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We Who Love Books


 CH-8 We Who Love Books


ACTIVITY-: Meanings of the words as used in the poem(adjective/noun/verb) etc.









ACTIVITY-2:Pick up the rhyming words from the poem and make the list.


a. away-stay

b. torn-dawn



ACTIVITY-3: Match the words with their Correct Synonyms

1.moment= time

2.modern= new

3.clever= intelligent

4.upset= unhappy

5.nourishment= nutrition

6.wealthy= rich

7.garbage= trash

8.infant= baby

9.tall= high

10.large= big

11.companion = friend = safe

13.thief = burglar = bowl

15.ancient = old

16.timeless = permanent

17.familiar = known

18.raise = lift

19.tale = story = happiness


ACTIVITY-4: A: Read the following stanza and answer the questions.


a. Name the poem and the poet.

Ans- The name of the poem is ‘We Who Love Books’ and the poet is Ruskin Bond.


b. The poet does not want to part with some books. Where does he keep them?

Ans- He keeps them on the shelves.


c. What is then condition of the book?

Ans- The books are old, worn and torn.




a. The poet calls the books the ‘familiar friends’. Why does he call them ‘familiar’?

Ans-The poet calls the books the familiar friends as they have been with him since he was ten.


b. What do you understand by the phrase ‘timeless tales’?

Ans-The phrase ‘timeless tales’ stands for the permanent stories.


c. How does the poet feel when he touches and feels the pages of his books?

Ans-He loves it.




a. According to the poet, what still stand the test of time?

Ans- Great verses and great thoughts stand the test of time.


b. What do you think the poet will always get from his good companions?

Ans-He will get joy to nourish himself from his good companions’


C. Who according to the poet will always be the lucky ones?

Ans-Those, who love books, will always be the lucky ones.


ACTIVITY-5:In the given table list all the names and adjectives used by the poet to describe the books.

Nouns used for books

Adjectives used for describing books














ACTIVITY-6: Underline the correct form of the verb to complete the sentences.



1. Priya loves her work.

2. Hestudiesagriculture.

3. Asalespersonsellsproductsforacompany.

4. Sunitaworksinabank.

5. Nurseshelppeople.

6. Wewrite English books.

7. Yourofficeclosesat5:00p.m.

8. She teaches in a school.

9. I walk to work everyday.

10. I startworkat8:00am.everymorning.


ACTIVITY-7: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb. Present Continuous or Present Simple


1. I do not belong to Delhi.

2. Hurry! thebus is coming.

3. Seema is avegetarian.She does not eat meat.

4. I am lookingforamaid.

5. Jayati is eating oranges.

6. At the moment, we are making a video of the party.

7. I knowwhat Mr. Sharma wants to buy.

8. I am applying for a job in a school but Idon't know if I will be successful.

9. Vanita is doing some research in the library.

10. Shealways remembers me mybirthday.

11. Mr. Brown works in a supermarket.

12. Look! Itis snowing.

13. Doyou knowHelen?

14. Look!That woman is tryingtosteal that man'swallet.

15. The Ganges flows in to the Bay of Bengal.


ACTIVITY-8:Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb. Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous forms of the verbs given in the brackets.




1. Someonehas broken the window.

2. Reeta has lost her pen.

3. Wehave won many medals.

4. Ihave been searching for a house for two months.

5. The train has just arrived at the platform.

6. Has he grown a beard?

7. Have you read the Gita?

8. I have not been visiting my uncle for months.

9. She has been to Paris twice.

10.We have already had our breakfast.






We Who Love Books




Dictionary Reference : Learning New Words


Look up the following words in a dictionary. You should seek the following information about the words and put them in your WORDS notebook.

1, Meaning of the word as used in the poem (adjective/fnoun/verb, etc.)

2. Pronunciation (The teacher may refer to the dictionary or a mobile phone for correct


3. Spellings




Let us read the poem


We who Love Books


Some books I'll never give away,

Though old and wom, their binding torn,

Upon my shelves they'll always stay,

Alive, still read, still fresh each dawn,

Their magic moments never gone.


Familiar friends, these timeless tales

Have been with me since I was ten,

And as I turn their pages once again

I feel and love their old refrain.



Great verse, great thoughts, still stand the test

Of time that’s passing by so fast...

These good companions never fail

To give me joy, to nourish me.

We who love books will always be

The lucky ones, our minds set free.