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29. Effects of Social Inequalities and Social Justice


29. Effects of Social Inequalities and Social Justice


(A) Fill in the blanks:


1. Social, Political and Economic Justice is promised in------. 

2. Freedom has been given from Article------ to------- of the Constitution of India.

3. There are more than------ castes in India.

4. The------- were massacred in-Delhi in 1984.

5.   -----languages are recognised by the Constitution of India.

6. The Mandal Commission was setup in--------.

7. The Mandal Commission has identified-----   Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribes.

(B) Put a tick against the Right () and a cross against the wrong (x):

1. The social inequalities do not affect the government

2. 54% of the Indian population is illiterate today.

3. Hindi is the National language of the India.

4. Seats are reserved for Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribes even today.

5. The 73 and 74 Amendment of the Constitution govern the Local Self Government in the Villages and the cities.

6. Social Inequalities are coming to an end in the Indian Society.

(C) Multiple Choice Question:

1. Who said, Caste is the important party in India.

(A) Mahatma Gandhi                 (B) pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

 (C) Shri Jai Parkash Narain    (D) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

 2. Which Fundamental Right has been added to the constitution of India to ensure Social Justice to the Indian people.

(A) Rights to liberty                 (B) Right against Exploitation

(C) Rights to Equality               (D) None of the Above

 3. Whose Motto is a “Read All develop All”?

 (A) RMSA                                                      (B) SSA

(C) National Education Commission            (D) PSEB

4. For whom is reservation of seats permissible in government jobs?

(A) Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribes

(B) Only for Backward Classes

(C) Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes and Backward classes.

(D) Only for poor people,

(D) Answer the following questions in 50-60 words:

1. What do you mean by Social Inequalities?

2. What is meant by Casteism and untouchability?

3. What is illiteracy?

4. What is meant by Lingnism?

5. What is meant by Reservation?

6. Has Scavaging been discontinued?

7. How does illiteracy affect Democracy?