Tuesday 22 December 2020

30. Efforts of the Government and its effects on people


30. Efforts of the Government and its effects on people


(A) Fill in the blanks:

1. India is a------- state

2. The Human Rights commission defends------------ in India.

3. The facility given at the time of old age, mishappening and unemployment is called-------------

4. The Mid Day meals in schools is being provided under the------   programme.

(B) Put a tick against the Rights and a cross against the wrong (x):

1. Public Services Improve the standard of living of the people.

2. It is not the primary responsibility of the government to provide the people with good Education and Health facilities.

3. The Social and Economic inequality has been done away with in India today.

4. Right to work is the fundamental Right in India.

5. The Religion Education is not compulsory in government schools in Punjab.

(C) Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Upto which ohms are the students provided food under midway meal scheme.

(A) Fifth                     (B) Eighth

(C) Tenth                  (D) From First to Eighth

2. How many Fire Years Plans have been Implemented in India so far?

(A) 5                                    (B) 12

(C) 13                                  (D) 14

(D) Answer the following questions in not more than 15 words:

1. What are Public Services?

2. What is meant by Social equality?

 3. What is Social Security?

4, Write any two Human Rights.

5. What is Shagun Scheme of Punjab Government?

(E) Answer the following questions in 50-60 words:

 1. Write the affects of social activities of government.

2. Write a note on the Social and Moral reforms of the government.

3. Why there is a need of Social Security?

4. Write the efforts of the government for Human Rights in India.



Discuss with the teachers about the efforts made towards Education and Medical facilities in the Schools.