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28. Judiciary and its special Jurisdiction


28. Judiciary and its special Jurisdiction


(A) Fill in the blanks:

1. -----is called the F.I.R.

2.  ------is the highest court of India.

3. The main organs of the government are--------.  

4. The Supreme Court Judges remains in office up to the age of-------   years, while the High Court Judges up to the age of----- years.

5. PIL means---------.  

6. Criminal Cases are registered under Article  

(B) Put a tick against the Right () and a cross against the wrong (x):

1. Judiciary is called the defender of the constitution.

2. Dual Judiciary System is in practice in India.

3. An appeal cannot be made in High Court against the District court decisions.

4. The Prime Minister appoint the Judges.

5. Criminal Cases are related to quarrels regarding land and property.

 (C) Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Under which has the Supreme Court been provided special powers.

 (A) Article 134                  (B) Article 135

(C) Article 136                  (D) Article 157

2. How are the High Court formed?

(A) District Level                    (B) Tehsil Level

(C) State Level                        (D) Village Level

3. How can the Public Interest eases he filed?

(A) For defending self Interest.

(B) For defending government Interest

(C) For defending Public Interest

(D) None of Above

(D) Answer the following question in not more than 15 words:

1. What is Judiciary?

2. Which is the highest court of India and where it is located?

3. Which are the main cases?

 4. What are Civil cases?

5. Who are Legal Advisor?

6. What is PIL (Public Interest Litigation)?

7. What is FIR?

(E) Answer the following questions in 50-60 words:

I. Explain the Importance of Judiciary.

2. Write the special powers of the Judiciary of India.

3. Write about the Judiciary System of India.

4. What are criminal cases? What is difference between Civil and Criminal Cases?

5. Where can FIR he registered? Explain the role of Judiciary in the event of the FIR not being registered.