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17. Women and Reforms


17. Women and Reforms


(A) Answer the following questions:

1. Due to whose efforts the Sad System was declared illegal?

2. In which year the permission for widow remarriage was granted?

3. When and who established Aligarh Muslim University?

4. When and where who founded the Namdhari movement?

5. Where Singh Sabha established educational institutions for the women education?

6. Write down in brief the contribution of Raja Rain Mohan Roy emancipation of Women.

7. Write down in brief the contribution made by Ishwar Chander Vidyasagar to reform the condition of women.

8. Write down in brief the efforts made by Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan for the improvement of the condition of women.

9. Explain the contribution by Swami Dayanand to improve the condition of women for the

(B) Fill in the blanks:

1. The women in Hindu society had not right to------ property.

2. After the sati of his brother's wife a new turn came in the life of--------. 

3. Due to the efforts of Keshav Chander Sen in 1872 AD banned-----------.

4. ------condemned divorce system.

5. -------joined Theosophical Society in 1886 AD in England.

(c) Match the Words:

1. Swami Vivekanand                 1. Namdhari Movement

2. Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji       2. Rama Krishan Mission

3. Singh Sabha                             3. Aligarh Muslim University

4. Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan         4. Manji Sahib (Amritsar)