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16. The Education and British Rule


16. The Education and British Rule


(A) Answer of the following questions:

1. What do you mean by new educational system?

2. What do you mean by Wood's Despatch?

3. When the title of 'Sir' was conferred to Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan? When did he die?

4. In which languages the Raja Ram Mohan Roy was expert?

 5. Which book was written by Ishwar Chander Vidyasagar.

6. Write down the objectives of the Modem educational system.

7. What were the recommendations of Hunter Commission about education?

8. Write down the effects of Western Educational System.

 9. Explain the growth of modem education system.

10, Write down in brief about the Maharaja Sayaji Rao University in Barocia.

11. Explain the contribution of the following different intellectuals in the field of Modem Education System.

1. Raja Ram Mohan Roy

2. Swami Dyanand Sarasvati

3. Swami Vivekanand

4. Ishwar Chander Vidyasagar

(B) Fill in the blanks:

1. Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan established Muslim Anglo-Oriental-------   in Aligarh.  

2. In 1888 AD he conferred the title of-----. 

3. During the time of Swami Dyanand Saraswati a women college was established in-----.

(C) Match the Words:

(A)                                                                 (B)

Raja Ram Mohan Roy                             Wrote a book in Bengali              language named `Premier Varna Prichaya'.established Rama Krishan Mission.

Ishwar Chandar Vidyasagar                    was well versed in Bengali, Persian, Sanskrit, Urdu. English and Greek language.


Swami Vivekanand


1. Students collect more information about Mahatma Gandhi Ji.

2. Students collect more information about Ravinder Nath Tagore.