Tuesday 22 December 2020

15. The Revolt of 1857


15. The Revolt of 1857


(A) Answer the following questions:

1. Write down the any two political causes of the revolt of 1857 A.D.?

2. Which punishment was given to Bahadur Shah Zafar?

3. Write down the immediate cause of the revolt of 1857 A.D.?

4. With which other two names the revolt of 1857 A.D. is know?

 5. Write a note on the social causes of the revolt of 1857 A.D.

6. Write down the causes of failure of the revolt of 1857 A.D.

(B) Fill in the blanks:

1. The cartridges were greased with the fat of cow and------. 

2. Many states annexed to the British Empire according to the Doctrine of Lapse of Lord--------.  

3. First of all the revolt of 1857 AD was started in----------.  

4.  -------was a famous general of Nana Sahib.

5. Indian soldiers declared----------- their emperor.

(C) Write `True or False' in the brackets given after each statement:

1. Indians were appointed on high posts.

2. Good treatment was given to the Indians by the Britishers.

3. The Britishers made many social reforms.

4. Gradually Indian industry and trade declined.

5. The Britishers adopted the policy Of `Divide and Rule'.



1. To know about Lakshmi Rai, queen of Jhansi.

 2. Collect the pictures of prominent freedom fighters and paste them in your Scrap book.