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Chapter 9 Gender Equality


Chapter 9 Gender Equality


Equal rights, equal respect


9.1 Discrimination or Fairness???

When Rupi was born, her parents rejoiced over her birth. Her family was the first to lead the way in the village to distribute sweets and celebrate Lohri on the birth of a baby girl. Some people even ridiculed by saying that daughters have to go to new families after marriage, they do not belong to us, why to celebrate their birth? Rupi's parents never prejudiced or discriminated between their daughter or son and always treated them equally. Rupi considered herself to be very fortunate and was always busy in her studies. She always stood first in her class and brought laurels to her family. After scoring good marks in the matriculation examination, her father got her enrolled in the best college in the city because his beloved daughter wanted to study medical science. She was the first girl from her village to attend a college in a city, several kilometres away from her village. Rupi’s parents encouraged her to be self-dependent. She also kept her self-confidence and self-esteem in high spirits. The day Rupi received her Ph.D. degree, her parents felt proud to be the parents of a doctorate daughter. On the other hand, the parents of the boys who mocked at the celebrations of Rupi's birth, look down when they saw their idle sons wandering around or taking drugs. "


What do you learn from this story?

Is it correct to discriminate between a boy and a girl?

If it is right to discriminate between a boy and a girl, then why?

If it is wrong to discriminate between a boy and a girl, then why?


9.2 Contest

Dear students, divide all the students in your class into two teams. Odd roll numbers will form the team-1 and even roll numbers in team-2. Assign one mark for each correct answer to the respective team and write on the chalkboard of your class.


Odd Roll Numbers


Even Roll Numbers

·        How many boys and how many girls are there in your class?

·        Name the jobs that only boys can do?

·        Name some traditional jobs of boys that girls also join nowadays?

·        Name some of the things in your classroom that eliminate gender discrimination?

·        How many male and how many female teachers are there in your school?

·        Name the jobs that only girls can do?

·        Name some traditional jobs of girls that boys also perform nowadays?

·        Name some of the things in your home that eliminate gender prejudices?


1. _______________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________________

4. _________________________________________________________________

5. _________________________________________________________________

6. _________________________________________________________________

7. _________________________________________________________________

8. _________________________________________________________________

Now calculate the points scored by each team in this contest. Encourage the winning team. It will be even more interesting if both the teams score equal points as the competition is about equality and we are advocating only fairness and unbiasedness among male and female children.


9.3 Two sides of the same coin

Dear children, look at a coin. It has two sides. Both sides have the same value. Similarly, both males and females are two equally important aspects of society. But a stereotyped misconception prevails in our society that some tasks can be done only by boys and some other duties are to be performed only by girls. It is not fair. Think about the following situations, mark whether you agree or disagree with them. Discuss the reasons for your choice.

Sr. No.





Boys should not contribute in the cleanliness of the house.




Girls should not participate in sports activities.




Boys should have no interest in cooking or other kitchen chores.




Girls cannot be involved in farming and agricultural practices.




It does not seem good for boys to cry.




Driving and mechanical jobs are beyond the reach of girls.




Girls do not need nutritious food.




Boys cannot do works like sewing or embroidery with perfection.




Boys should not speak out against their exploitation by girls.




Girls should not disclose about the misbehaviour by boys.




I agree because………………                                  I disagree because…………………….





Note down the names and paste pictures of two of your favourite male and female personalities each?

Famous Personalities

Get to know more about these famous personalities, write down their field and reason for their popularity.

1. _________________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________________________

4. _________________________________________________________________

5. _________________________________________________________________


9.4 Equality

Dear students, have you ever noticed the wheels of any two-wheeler like bicycle, a bullock-cart or a scooter? Which of these tyres is significantly essential for the smooth running of the conveyance? Both of the tyres are equally important and indispensable for the proper functioning of the vehicle. Just think what if any one of these wheels is missing or gets punctured? Similarly, our society is dependent upon two wheels, namely male and female, for the proper working. Both are equally significant and have unique roles to play, neither is inferior or superior. That is why the issue of gender equality has been discussed repeatedly.

In some societies, discrimination between a boy or a girl child initiates from birth. But just think, have you ever noticed plants, animals, birds or insects making such biases? Your answer would be "No" as plants, animals, birds or insects never discriminate among their progenies as male or female. Only human race is known to have discriminatory behaviour towards the off-springs. The only reason for this unfair attitude is narrow mindedness that considers girls as weak and asset of others. Such stereotypes are also fading away through education. Gender equality is very essential for the progress of society. Boys and girls should be provided with equal opportunities for advancement, as they have equal rights as well as responsibilities towards society. So, any kind of discrimination or inequity is not reasonable.

Fill in the blanks with the help of words from the box and complete the following sentences:

indispensable, responsibilities, other, opportunities, discrimination, fairly


1. Boys and girls should be provided equal___________________

2.__________________should not be there with anyone.

3. Males and females act like two___________ wheels for society.

4. Boys and girls should be given_______________ equal chances for progress.

5. Boys and girls should share__________ equally towards society.

6. No one is inferior to the____________


Now you think and answer:

1. Is there any discrimination in your surroundings, home/family, village/city or society? Write in your own words.


2. What would you do if you ever face any such prejudice?


3. Write down a message for those who follow such prejudices between male and female genders?



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