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Chapter 4 Safety of Our Precious Life (Abiding Traffic Rules)


Chapter 4 Safety of Our Precious Life (Abiding Traffic Rules)


Alert today, alive tomorrow- Anonymous

4.1 Introduction

What is the relation between our precious life and traffic rules? Why the safety of our precious life related to abiding traffic rules? Why do we need to save our life? Who can harm to us on the road?

Dear students, human life is a precious gift given by nature. We spend most of the time of our valuable life on roads. In our daily life while going to school, school to home, home to friends or relative's house, etc., in this way we spend much of our time on the road. We all hear news of the people losing their lives in road accidents every day. A minute carelessness on road can take our priceless life, that is why it is said, 'Cautious today, alive tomorrow.

Think and Write

Solemnly, think about the various mistakes that a pedestrian or a driver commits due to which accidents on the road take place. Write down the ways to prevent or correct these mistakes.


Causes of accidents

Ways to prevent accidents












Our life is very precious, a small mistake or negligence on the road can take it.



4.2 These are some important rules that can save our life while travelling on the road.

1. Use zebra-crossing while crossing a road. We all have heard about it many times. But, how to cross the road if no zebra-crossing is there?

Dear children, always be alert while crossing the road. Pay full attention to the speed of the vehicle approaching you. If the vehicle is speeding or is close to you, don't cross the road until it passes by, even if there is a zebra crossing available. Your slightest carelessness can take your valuable life. Your life is very precious to you, your family, society and the nation. Your safety is in your hands.

2. Follow traffic signals.

3. Do's and Don'ts to save our life on the road:



i) Play close to your house, away from the roads.

ii) Wait for the vehicles to pass or stop.

iii) Be alert and vigilant till you are on the road.


i) Playing on the roadside, footpaths or on the road.

ii) Crossing the road while a vehicle is approaching you.

ii) Running across the road.

iv) Crossing between two stationary or moving vehicles.

v) Use of mobile phone or headphones while travelling on the road.


4. While moving on the road at night, wear brightly coloured outfits that are visible from a distance, like pink, white, orange, yellow, golden, etc. It will enable the driver to see you from far and can avoid any accident to happen.

5. Be patient and careful while crossing a road. Maybe the other person is careless while driving.

6. While riding a bicycle, take care of the following:

i) Keep your bicycle in good condition. Do not take it on the road if its condition is not good.

ii) Use bicycle lanes. Drive near the footpath on the left side or sidewalk, in the absence of bicycle lanes. Be alert and pay attention to the sounds of the vehicle approaching you.

iii) Avoid riding a bicycle at night.

iv) Avoid using mobile phone or headphones while riding a bicycle.


4.3 Activity Time

1. Spot and encircle the people committing mistakes in the given picture, with the help of your teacher.

In the above picture which mistakes are being committed by the people that will not be repeated by you to save your precious life:






2. Take all the four children (shown in the picture) to the park with the help of a pencil, following the road safety rules.

Word-Box White areas on the sides of the road are the footpaths. (Zebra crossing, Footpath, Overbridged)


The things you kept in mind while drawing path for the encircled children, to reach the park





Discuss your answers with your teacher and identify your mistakes:



4.4 Think and Write

1. Identify as safe and unsafe from the following:

i) Playing on the road.

ii) Playing in a park away from the road.  

iii) Crossing road on zebra lines carelessly.

iv) Crossing road attentively.

v) Getting in a moving bus. .

vi) Walking on a footpath.

vii) Wearing a helmet while driving.

viii) Following traffic signals on the road.

ix) Using phone or head-phones while travelling on the road or riding a bicycle.

2. A small promise to self for the safety of others and our life while travelling on the road.

Life is very precious.



3. Write three new slogans to aware the people about road safety.






Special suggestions from the teacher to the student