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Chapter 3 Gratitude and Love Towards Elders


Chapter 3 Gratitude and Love Towards Elders

"For Elders have great respect,

As they love us a lot,

Look after us day and night.

So to follow them, try to be nice.

To have some great advice,

Because they make us very wise.

Always they teach us god manners and pathway,

And express their love in a unique way,

By sharing knowledge and telling stories every day.

Elders have ornaments of wisdom,

that we forget to wear seldom,

We should learn great experiences from,

As Elders are glory of our home. "

Always remember:

"Behave respectfully,

Talk thankfully,

Listen carefully,

to your elders."


3.1 Introduction

Dear students, to show respect towards our elders and to be grateful to them is an excellent virtue. We should always respect our elders, our grandparents and parents. We should always keep in mind their experiences, hard work, their efforts, sacrifices, struggles and the hardships faced by them. We should always be thankful to them for the tireless efforts they make for our wellbeing. We can express our respect towards them through our feelings, kind words and our expressions full of love and warmth.

Dear students, write down the names of your family members and paste their pictures in the spaces provided below.

My Family






3.2 Gratitude: How could we show our gratitude towards our elders?

Dear students, we should always be thankful to our grandparents, parents and other elders in the family because of their continuous efforts for the betterment of the family. We must express our selfless love and gratitude towards them for their tireless efforts and struggle.

How do you show your love and respect towards your parents, grandparents and other elder relatives?


We should spend quality time with our elders and listen to stories as well as their memorable childhood incidences and their valuable experiences of life.



Dear children, shown below are the ways to thank our grandparents, our parents and other elders in the family.


1. By assisting

2. By serving

3. By speaking politely

4. By using soft, kind words

5. By spending quality time

6. By being obedient

7. By showing respect

8.  By enquiring about health

9. By being Thankful

3.3 Points to remeber

Dear students, always remember the following essential points while respecting your grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts and other elders in the family. Read out the following statements, put a sign against the statements that are correct for you:


Sr. No.








I respect my elders.





I speak politely with my elders.





I carefully listen to my elders.





I obey my elders.





I often use words like Thank You, 'Sorry' and ‘Please' while talking to my elders.





I help my family in household chores.





I spend quality time with my elders.





I inquire about the health of my elders.





I share my knowledge about health and hygiene with my elders.





I discuss issues like conservation of the environment with my elders.





Whenever my mother cooks food for me, I express my gratitude.





I present hand-made cards and gifts to my elders on special occasions.





I discuss my problems and take the advice of my elders.





I happily thank my elders whenever they gift me something.





I am fond of the affectionate blessings of my elders.




Never = 11

Sometimes =2

Always =3

Now count your points =

Would you like to improve your score?

What efforts would you make to enhance your score?

Calendar of Gratitude

Dear students, although, we should always be grateful to our elders, yet we can prepare our special calendar of thankfulness to express our sincere thanks and gratitude towards our parents as well as elders as suggested below:


Grateful to whom




My Mother




My Father




My Grandfather/Dada ji




My Grandmother/Dadi ji




My maternal Grandfather/Nana Ji




My maternal Grandmother/Nani Ji




My other Elders




3.4 Interesting Activities:

1. Write down any story that you have heard from your elders.


2. Write down any incidence your elders told you about their childhood.


3. Note down few activities that you enjoy with your elders.

Activities that I enjoy with my parents      



 Activities that I enjoy with my grandparents



4. Make a beautiful card of thankfulness to express gratitude towards your elders.


Special suggestions from the teacher to the student