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Chapter 1 Body Hygiene


Chapter 1 Body Hygiene

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.

                                                                                                          Jim Rohn

1.1 Let's check how aware we are about our body hygiene: _________


Sr. No.

Body hygiene





I carry a handkerchief with me.





I wash my hands before and after a meal with soap.





I wear clean and dry clothes.





I cover my mouth while sneezing and coughing.





I cut my nails weekly.





I brush my teeth twice a day.





I avoid eating unhygienic or uncovered food items being sold on the roadsides.





I take a bath every day.





I keep my hair clean.





Total score





Scoring: - Always 3, Sometimes- 2, Never-1

My score in body hygiene is_________. To increase my score in body hygiene, I will do the following tasks daily.

1.2 Let's know more..!

Dear students, Good health can be obtained by keeping our body hygienic. It is a way to protect ourselves and other members of society from illness and many other diseases. For this, we need to inculcate the following habits:

1. Taking a bath daily: We must take a bath daily with soap and water.

2. Keeping your hair clean: Short hair should be washed every day, while the long hair must be cleaned at least once a week with shampoo and should be dried properly.

3. Brushing and cleaning teeth: We must brush and clean our teeth twice a day. It will keep our teeth and gums clean and strong.

4. Washing hands with soap: Hands must be washed properly with soap and water especially after going to the toilet, before and after taking a meal, after playing, gardening or any other activity which makes our hands dirty. When we eat with dirty hands, many germs and disease-causing viruses directly enter our stomach and we fall ill.

5. Wearing clean clothes: We must wear clothes that are washed properly with soap and dried thoroughly in the sun.

6. Separate towel and comb: Every person in a family should use a separate towel and comb.

7. Covering mouth and nose: We should cover our mouth and nose with a handkerchief while coughing and sneezing. It will prevent the liquid droplets containing germs from entering the body of others. It can make them sick.

8. We must keep clean our nails and cut them weekly.

9. An outfit must be exposed to sunlight if we want to wear it again.

10. We must avoid eating uncovered food sold on roadsides. Such food is very harmful to our health.

11. We must stay away from drugs to keep our body healthy as abuse of drugs ruins our body.




Perform this activity with the help of your teacher.

Material required: One potato and one potato peeler.

The teacher will peel one potato in front of the students and give the potato to one student.

The student will pass the potato to another student. In this way, the potato should pass from the hands of all students. In the end, the potato should be returned to the teacher.

How is the potato looking now? _________________________

Can we cook it without washing? Why? ___________________________

Dear students, the fruits and vegetables that we bring from the market are passed from numerous hands and have plenty of germs stuck to them. These germs can cause many life- threatening infections on entering our stomach. So the fruits and vegetables should be properly before eating.

1.3 Let's make our daily schedule, to keep ourselves healthy:

After getting up in the morning, we shall perform the following tasks to keep our body clean and healthy for the whole day. (Help can be taken from the following word box.)

Brushing, Going to a toilet, Washing hands with soap, Bathing, Wearing clean and dried clothes, Removing the food stuck between teeth with the help of a thread, Getting food in clean utensils, Rinsing mouth properly, Changing uniform, Combing hair, Drying hands with a clean cloth, Washing face.

What will I do to keep my body hygienic?       Why I will do it?

Morning (After getting up)

i) ______________                                               i) _____________

ii) ___________                                                    ii) _______________

iii) ____________                                                 iii) ___________

iv) _____________                                               iv) _______

v) _____________                                                v) ________

vi) ____________                                                 vi) ___________



What will do to keep my body hygienic?                    Why I will do it?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner time:

i) ________                                                                     i) _____________  

ii) ___________                                                             ii) ___________

iii) ____________                                                         iii) ____________

iv) ___________                                                          iv) ____________

v) __________                                                            v) ____________


After returning from school:

i) ________                                                              i) _______

ii) _______                                                              ii) ______________

iii) ________                                                  iii) _________

After returning from play:

i) ______________                                  i) ______

ii) _________                                           ii) ___________

iii) ____________                                  iii) ___________

Before going to bed:

i) __________                                            i) __________


Discuss the above schedule with the teacher and other students in the class. If you feel that you have missed any good habit, write it in the box given below:-



Collect pictures of healthy habits related to body hygiene.




1.4 Think and Write

1. After reading this chapter, what changes you brought in yourself?



2. Let's write down the advantages of keeping our body clean:


ii) ________________________________________________________________

ii) ________________________________________________________________

iv) ________________________________________________________

v) _________________________________________________________


3. Paste the pictures depicting the good habits you inculcated to keep your body clean in the space provided.


Special suggestions from the teacher to the student