Tuesday 22 December 2020

19. Colonialism and Urban Change


19. Colonialism and Urban Change


 (A) Answer the following questions:

1. What do you mean by colonialism?

2. Which new towns came into existence with the establishment of East India company?

3. Name the worth seeing places of Madras.

4. Write down the names of the worth seeing places in Bombay.

5. Where and when Britishers established their fast trading factory in India?

6. In which three cities the municipalities were established in India during British rule?

7. Which British officer established public works department in India?

8. Which Governor General started the department of police in India?

9. When and by whom the first railway line was made in India? What was its route?

10. Write a note on the Madras city.

11. Write a note on police system.

(B) Fill in the Blanks:


1. In ancient period------and Mohenjo-Daro were two developed towns.

2. -------- was the capital of the emperor of Akbar.  

3. ------ is the present name of Chennai.

4. Lord.............. set up police department for the maintenance of law and order.

(C) Match the Words:

A                                                                                B

During the reign of Shah Jahan Delhi                   Inderprastha

Engineering college                                                  Kolkata

Capital of West Bengal                                            Rurki

Delhi in epic                                                              Shahjahanbad