Saturday, 19 December 2020

This Is My Prayer To Thee


This Is My Prayer To Thee



New Words / Phrases and their Use

1. strike-struck-struck(hit) – The stone struck her on the forehead.

2. insolent (rude, not showing respect) – No teacher likes him because of his

insolent behaviour.

3. might (great strength or energy) – He pushed the stone with all his might.

4. trifles (things not so important) – I don’t waste my time on such trifles.

5. surrender (to admit that you have been defeated) – The enemy soldiers were

forced to surrender.

Comprehension and Appreciation of the Poem

Answer each question briefly:

1. Who does the poet pray to in this poem?

2. What penury does the poet talk of?

3. How does the poet want to bear his joys and sorrows?

4. How does the poet think his love can be fruitful?

5. Who does the poet want never to disown?

6. How will the poet react to those who are mighty and rude?

7. What will be the poet’s attitude towards daily trifles?

8. To whom does the poet want to surrender and how?

Vocabulary Enrichment

Find from the poem words that have the given meanings?

1. : producing useful results.

2. : the state of being very poor.

3. : without being seriously worried or concerned.

4. : the main cause of a problem or difficult situation.

5. : stop having any connection with somebody / something.

6. : what somebody wants to happen in a particular situation.

Composition Writing

Write a few sentences on what you would pray to God for,

and how you would respond if God granted your prayer.


Robin was the only child of his parents. He was sixteen years old.

He was tall for his age and very slim. He had bright black eyes,

always glowing with curiosity. He spent most of his time reading books.

He loved making new and interesting things. He had an excellent memory and a sharp brain. While the other students at school played in their free time, Robin would sit in the school library and read.

He spent all the money his father gave him on books.

When Robin was ten years old, his mother had cancer. She was very sick for a long time. And when she died, Robin was very sad.

He would not talk to anyone. The doctor said to his father, “The

boy must come out of his depression, or he will be very sick. You

must spend some time with him and talk to him.” The father did

his best, but could not get Robin out of his sadness.